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Imagine straightening your teeth and creating a beautiful smile without the restrictions of brackets and the discomfort of wires. It can happen. That’s what makes Invisalign® one of the most popular dental treatment options available today.


1. Virtually Invisible

Invisalign® braces allow you to straighten your teeth with clear aligners that aren’t as noticeable as traditional, wire and bracket braces.

2. Freedom to Eat and Drink

Invisalign’s removable aligners allow you to eat and drink without restriction. Just take them out to enjoy your meal, and then put them right back in place.

3. No Activity Restrictions

Enjoy an active lifestyle without the worries or restrictions that might come with traditional braces.

4. Improved Comfort

You don’t have the discomfort and bleeding that come with the brackets and wires of traditional braces. Invisalign® aligners are fitted to your teeth with precision, applying gentle pressure on the teeth over time.

5. Easy Maintenance

You can remove Invisalign® aligners when it’s time to brush and floss your teeth. Simply take them out to care for your teeth, then put them back in place.


The Invisalign® Journey

 1. Receive a complimentary consultation

Schedule your free appointment to see if Invisalign® will work for you. Our team of experienced professionals will assess your oral health and take the time to understand your needs while answering your questions about teeth straightening solutions.

2. We create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your unique needs

If it’s determined that Invisalign® treatment is the right teeth straightening option for you, we will take detailed images of your teeth and create precise impressions. That information will allow us to create a detailed plan that includes the expected length of treatment, expected results, and financial arrangements.

How long does it take to straighten your teeth with Invisalign®? There are many factors that determine the length of treatment for each person. In general, adults can expect to wear aligners for about a year. It can take up to 18 months for teenagers.

3. We craft and expertly place your Invisalign® 

Invisalign® clear aligners are made of BPA-free smooth plastic and are precisely shaped for your teeth. When they’re ready for placement, we will walk you through the details of using them on a daily basis.

You can expect a snug but comfortable fit. Plan to wear your invisible braces at least 20-22 hours each day. If you need to remove them to eat, drink, or engage in some activities, you’re always free to do so.

4. Follow your personalized Invisalign® schedule

About every two weeks, you will come into the office to have a new next-step aligner inserted. Each aligner is precisely designed to fit your teeth, picking up where the last aligner left off. You can expect your teeth to move about 1/10mm per tray.

Each time you have a new aligner placed, you will notice your teeth lining up and moving closer together as planned. Your biweekly appointments give our team the time they need to monitor your smile for progress.

5. Enjoy a beautifully straightened smile

Once you complete your personalized treatment plan, you’re free to enjoy your new smile. Some patients may need to wear a follow-up retainer to make sure their teeth remain aligned with time.




Research has proven that beautiful smiles improve self-esteem and confidence in addition to enhancing appearance. It’s not surprising that those beautiful, confident smiles often open doors for professional opportunities that lead to higher income levels.


Straighter teeth are associated with better oral health over the course of a lifetime. They’re easier to clean and less prone to chipping, decay, gingivitis, and gum disease.

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