Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety can make routine visits stressful or cause you to put them off entirely. Don’t let this anxiety interfere with your oral health when we specialize in comfortable visits for our patients here at Luminé Dental Aesthetics.

A Relaxing Experience at the Dentistry

It only takes one less than positive experience at the dentist to give you anxiety. A major part of our dental experience is ensuring that every patient is comfortable regardless of anxiety or prior experiences. By keeping you relaxed during the treatment, we can help you realize that pain free dentistry is possible. Any family member that struggles with nerves during a dental visit may benefit from sleep dentistry, a technique that relies on safe sedation to help you get through cleanings and treatments with ease.

Will Sedation Dentistry Work for You?

We put together a custom conscious sedation plan for each patient coming in with fears or anxiety. Personalizing our approach to sedation dentistry minimizes the chances for side effects while ensuring you get enough sedation to actually quell your worried thoughts. If you’re uncomfortable with needles or the sounds of the dentist’s tools, sedation is a great way to put those sensations out of your mind. It’s also recommended for anyone who struggles with a sensitive gag reflex or high sensitivity in the teeth and gums. If you’re getting a lot of work done, choosing dentists that put you to sleep will free you from the need to sit through it all while awake. Partial to moderate sedation lets you relax and gives the dentist the freedom to focus on your care for the highest quality results.

Sedation That Works for Everyone

IV Sedation

Some patients will be good candidates for IV sedation. This can be appropriate for extremely nervous patients or patients who need more extensive dental work.You’ll receive a light dose of medication to keep you conscious but in a twilight state. If necessary, we can also provide a deeper level of sedation but for most patients, a light level of sedation is all that is needed. There’s no need to worry about needles either, we apply a strong topical anesthetic on your skin to make setting up the IV painless. 

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide is a great option if most of your anxiety has to do with administration of an anesthetic but not the vibrations and water associated with general dentistry. You inhale an odorless gas through a small mask placed over your nose. After a few minutes of inhalation, you’ll feel no anxiety but also have little lasting effects after the treatment ends. This is the safest and most predictable method of reducing anxiety and creating a calm state. There’s less risk involved with this method of sedation than any other, which is why it’s widely used in pediatric dentistry. Even patients who aren’t good candidates for oral or IV sedation can often use nitrous oxide sedation without issues. If you’re struggling with a severe dental phobia, we can easily use this method of sedation for routine exams and cleanings as well to keep you comfortable at all times.


No matter the method of sedation, you are required to have someone transport you home after your procedure. Nitrous oxide wears off the fastest, but it’s still recommended that you don't drive or operate machinery for the next few hours.  Never drink alcohol the same day after undergoing a procedure with oral or IV sedation. IV sedation may take up to 24 to 48 hours to completely leave your system, but your dentist will let you know how long to expect its effects to linger.

Choose sedation dentistry to put an end to anxiety about going to the dentist. Here at Luminé Dental Aesthetics, we'll do everything we can to help our patients feel more comfortable getting the dental care they need.

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